Innovent. Invent. Inspire.

Hisseli Harikalar

With our interdisciplinary knowledge of Turkey’s leading experiential marketing agency brand as we bring innovation and technology.

On the way we started in digital media in 2006, we dreamed of becoming an advertising agency that experiences, develops, and produces rather than following the rising technology trends. We define ourselves as ‘’technology-driven experimental marketing agency’’ in pursuit of this dream.

We believe that the brands we represent can sustain all the opportunities of the trending technologies in target audience communications and that they can provide integrated, surprising and catchy experiences in online and offline media.

In addition to a conventional advertising agency team within the creative process, we dream together with software engineers, mechatronics engineers, electronics and industrial engineers.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, wearable technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence and the internet of things… As Turkey’s leading experimental marketing agency, we are bringing innovation, technology and the brands together.

We are producing in Turkey;
and we are serving worldwide.

Our Services

With the new technologies in communication starting to feed different disciplines, brand new channels have turned into platforms that leave a mark for storytelling today. We; as Hisseli Harikalar, are an experienced team that uses technology and design to construct communication experiences.

From this point of view, we use our experience to design technology-oriented experiences in every field where people and communication exist.

Activation Experience

Along with dozens of our activation products; We add new experiences to your shopping mall events, in-house meetings and brand activations.

Shopper Experience

With our in-store technological solutions, we improve the purchasing experience (Shopper) of your customers and produce solutions that will shorten the purchasing process.

Field Experience

We design and produce experiential design solutions for the museum, exhibition, experience area and all your activation areas, and we manage the operation process.

Product Experience

By undertaking the processes from design to the final product, we design product experiences that will benefit your target audience and create a WOM effect.

Technology Partnership

HuaweiGlobal Technology Partner

In 2019, we became one of Huawei's global technology partners in Turkey. Our partnership, which started with 5G-focused Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects, still continues.

As Hisseli Harikalar, we continue to develop Proof of Concept projects for Huawei, in Turkey and globally to explore new usage areas of 5G.