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A huge project with 200 VR

Ceva wanted to bring poultry industry professionals together with the Ceva The Future project, which was going to be carried out at Istanbul Hilton Congress and Fair Hall. We wanted to find an untested and a great idea in this project that would lead the way in terms of the participation of the meeting, incubation and field technical officers. That’s why we started a project where 200 people could experience VR at the same time.

Ceva Vr Conference-02
Ceva Vr Conference-03
Ceva Vr Conference-04

Firstly, we started shooting 360 degrees for this project in Ceva’s factory in Hungary. We brought the videos obtained from these shots into conformity with VR.



We created a local network to be able to synchronize 200 VRs with each other. We transmitted videos from this network to all VR glasses at the same time.



As a result, the audience shared a great experience by watching the conference at the same time.


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