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Fiat İçerdesin: An Unforgettable Second Screen Experience

An Experience that Pushes the Boundaries of Innovation: A Game-Breaking Secondary Screen Experience of Inside, in Collaboration with Fiat


In this project we realized with Fiat, our aim was to change people’s perspectives with an innovative approach. In the shooting scene of the main character, which is the unforgettable season finale of the Fiat Içerdesin series, we took action to provide the audience with a game-changing secondary screen experience.

We focused on integrating the final scene, which was shot in 360 degrees, in order to introduce the audience to the audience via Shazam. We announced this special moment to the audience through social media posts and platforms such as www.showtv.com.tr. In addition, we sent notifications to viewers via mobile applications and ensured their participation. We prepared special advertisement spots and countdown sub-bands in order to Shazam the final scene to the audience. By providing programmatic subband displays for viewers on smart televisions, we have made viewers more involved in the experience.

Finally the long awaited moment has come. While the scene of the main character’s shooting was not visible on the television, the viewers who Shazamed the scene with their phones had the opportunity to unravel the secret of the finale. Thanks to this unique experience, television viewers enjoyed simultaneous participation in television content for the first time.

We directed the viewers to Fiat’s social media accounts through special advertisement spots prepared for those who missed this special experience. In addition, we directed viewers who were curious about the experience and researched on search engines to 360-degree video links through advertisements. In the episodes of the series broadcast on digital platforms, we gave the audience a secondary screen experience.

The results we achieved were truly incredible. With this project, an experience realized for the first time in Turkey, 57,578 people participated in the television content simultaneously. Shazam world record was broken thanks to instant secondary screen experience. The 360-degree scene shared from Fiat and the series’ social media accounts received 2.3 million views and 14,000 interactions. Most importantly, thanks to this project, we have moved our brand to a new dimension by removing screen consumption from the ordinary.


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