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This year is the year!

Hisseli Harikalar Fabrikası, Hisseli Harikalar and finally “Harikalar”


Hisseli Harikalar Fabrikası, Hisseli Harikalar and finally hello to everyone again as Harikalar in 2023… We have finished our 17th year, made new plans for our 18th year and started preparations for new adventures!

As Harikalar, we started our adventure here in Turkey in 2006, when experience marketing was just being talked about abroad. As a pioneer in the sector, we have achieved many firsts in the event and advertising sector. We have inspired many people and agencies not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Most importantly, in 17 years we have become a “Wonderfull” team…

First we were colleagues. Then we became friends and finally we all became partners. Sometimes we worked all night long and shared the happiness of success, sometimes we went to camps together and had fun… Sometimes we traveled from one end of Turkey to the other in a rally car. Sometimes we helped where we could by using all the means at our disposal.

Sometimes Atilla, sometimes Şaban… Sometimes Utku, sometimes Yiğit… Then we became Tuğba, Kadir, Uğur, Ramazan, Halil… We became so many… We became Steve in America and Ahmed in Qatar.

We are now heading to new countries with new names. Founded 17 years ago, we are sending off our small company with a long name to become a global agency with its short name and new sibling.

Thank you to all our former colleagues, customers and partners who have been involved in our adventure so far. Our big company with a short name is looking forward to new projects with you. Because something inside us says;

I think this year is the year….