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Prinker Temporary Tattoo

Prinker Temporary Tattoo is a product you can rent to liven up your events with a special experience. This innovative printer system enables designs to be printed as tattoos using skin-compatible and health-safe inks made with trusted certified cosmetic products. To add a fun experience to your event, call us now and rent this unique experience now!

How Does Prinker Temporary Tattoo Work?

Participants can choose a tattoo from the Prinker Temporary Tattoo memory or upload their own designs to the system’s memory. Afterwards, the device is held to the area where the participant wants the tattoo and the tattoo is applied to the skin and the tattoo is completed quickly and easily. With this feature, participants can get the tattoos they want quickly and easily. Also, tattoos that are water resistant can be easily removed using soap and similar cleaning tools.

Special Designs for Your Event

Prinker Temporary Tattoo allows participants to upload their own creative designs into the Prinker Tattoo memory. It also creates the ability to digitally share tattoo designs designed specifically for your brand or event.
These features will make your events even more special and memorable, allowing participants to express themselves artistically and personalize the atmosphere of the event.

Pay Less with 0% VAT Advantage!


Prinker Temporary Tattoo product is a commercialized product developed in our R&D center within Çanakkale Technopark Technology Development Center. For this reason, Prinker Temporary Tattoo product is subject to VAT exemption within the scope of“223 – Temporary 20/1 Transactions in Technology Development Zones“.

0% on our invoices issued in the rental and sales transactions of Prinker Temporary Tattoo product VAT is being implemented. The invoices issued can be used for your income and corporate tax calculations.

Call now, get an offer!

You can call us to rent, purchase or get detailed information about the Prinker Temporary Tattoo product! Our sales team is waiting for you to get back to you as fast as possible!

Don't Be Limited by the Standard

You have a very different idea for your event, but the standard system of our product is not suitable for it? As Harikalar, we produce the software and hardware of all our products ourselves and we can easily make the changes you want for your creative ideas!

Get Social Media Engagement

Thanks to our cloud-based sharing system, videos and photos from your events are ready to share instantly. Participants can scan QR codes or enter their e-mail addresses to download videos and photos to their phones or send them by e-mail.

Our Professional Team is With You

Our experienced staff will be with you throughout your event, preparing and testing the products you rent according to your requests before installation. Our professional technical team will carry out all processes from installation to dismantling for you.

Get Service from Sector Pioneer Harikalar!

As Harikalar, with the unique experience of successfully completing more than 10,000 events since 2006, we transform your events from just a meeting, conference or celebration into unforgettable digital experiences for your participants; Because we are not just an event organization, we bring together excellence and extraordinary memories in every detail.

Get Offer Now

You can get an offer from us to rent or purchase the Prinker Temporary Tattoo product for your events. Our experienced team is eager to provide you with the best service.

    Photos from the Events

    Prinker Temporary Tattoo product has been used in many events so far. You can view photos taken at previous events below.