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With Your Heartbeat: THY National Team’s Special Design Jersey

Hearts of 84 Millions Met in This Campaign


Crescent-Stars passed a tough qualifying process for the European Championship.She/He was eligible to participate. But the world faced a greater challenge: Pandemic. The pandemic conditions that caused the tournament to be postponed also limited the participation of fans, but they never stopped supporting the national team all over the world.

Turkish Airlines, the main sponsor of the National Teams also developed a method in which the fans could support the crescent-stars from afar, even under these conditions. It brought together the fans, whose hearts beat with the national team, and the players of the national team in the same jersey.

A special mechanism has been developed that will make the heartbeat rhythm feel and be heard. This mechanism, which works when touched, was placed inside the crescent-star jersey.Wearing the jersey, where the hearts of 84 million people beat, went in front of the camera and became the stars of the screens. All moments, from the moment the jersey was given as a gift to the feeling it felt when the mechanism worked, were recorded and met with the fans on digital media.The music of the campaign was undertaken by the Sibourne team, including the famous DJ Mahmut Orhan. The heartbeat of the fans, used in the making of the jersey, was the sound that formed the rhythm of the campaign.

Leading sports commentators in Euro 2020 special broadcasts went to the screen to explain the feeling of the jersey. The sports commentators who wore the jersey like our nationals experienced the excitement of the crescent-stars moment by moment. Turkish Airlines, which wants to make everyone experience this special feeling experienced by the crescent-stars, also carried out special racket practices for the fans at different points in the city.

This application, which works similarly to the mechanism in the national team’s jersey, became active when people approached the racket. The fans, who started to hear the heartbeat as they approached, could also feel the rhythm of the heartbeat when they touched the racket.

The campaign that does not fall off the agenda in different channels; It also found its place on radios, digital content, social media pages and in Survivor, one of the most watched competitions on television. The national team touched the hearts of all the fans throughout the tournament.

The voices of hearts became one. Hearts became one.


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